Monday, June 6, 2011

Pretty feet!!

Have you seen these darling flip-flops?
The bows are interchangeable with any grosgrain or satin ribbon you have.

They come in a range of colors- gold, white, black, pink, navy, green, aqua, yellow, etc.

They have arch support!!

And, while I've heard that the rubber can occasionally rub if your feet get sweaty, it's easy to put a little powder on your feet prior to going out for the day. 

I had the darling pair above and can no longer find them anywhere.  At $30 a pop, they are going to end up on my feet again this summer.  They're too cute not to!! 

Anyone else have them?  Love them?


  1. Um...these are ADORABLE! thank you for sharing :)

  2. I have to get these...but are they comfortable?

  3. My mom has 3 pairs of these and wears them all the time. She went to the fabric store and bought tons of ribbon and she changes the bows to match each of her outfits.


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