Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summertime rooms that make me happy

These rooms all just scream summertime to me.  I can't imagine B letting me be this bold in our current house, but if I ever am lucky enough to own a cottage, you better believe it is going to scream pink, green, and yellow with florals, checks and stripes all over the place. 

Bright, bright, bright, but still warm and clean and oh so preppy.
(source unknown)

No way on earth would I ever do this to a kitchen, but, on the other hand, wouldn't you want to be friends with someone who does?  So grown up girlie, so fun, so interesting!
(source unknown)

Clean lines, love the beadboard, love the limier (is that a word?) green.
(via Sunset)

This would be a lovely room for a Southerner.  The ceiling is my favorite.  Oh and all the windows that let in all the light.  The flowers are a perfect compliment for this room.
(via BHG)

Those walls are a delicious shade of pale pink, I love the pillows, and I adore cabinets that have the inside of them painted a different color.  That round coffee table would be perfect for little peanuts to run around without fear of being hurt too!!
(via BHG)

So, could you paint your kitchen the same color as your toenails?  Do you adore yellow rooms?  Would you put beadboard on your ceiling?  Do you dream of screened in porches with great flowers?


  1. I dream of all these rooms! And a house! Or at least a bigger apartment.

    PS - send me that Pininterest invite :)

  2. Such lovely rooms! I need some inspiration for re-doing my bedroom, and I think a sunny summer-like look might be just the thing.

  3. I absolutely love color in the home...just not mine! Crazy, I know! If we ever make it big and can afford a beach cottage, I like to think I would paint each room a different fun, bright color. But, knowing me, I'd probably white wash the whole thing and use accents...just like I do at home.

  4. I adore all your fun picks- so vibrant and fun!

    Also, I cannot believe Spencer has already started walking. It seems like you JUST had him!

  5. These are all just wonderful, bright and cheery and vibrant, I love the big splashes of color everywhere. BTW, I have been reading recent posts and cannot believe your handsome young man is walking! Whoo-hoo!

    Sending you a happy summer smile,


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