Sunday, June 26, 2011

Things I loved about June 2011

*Spencer started walking!  On Father's Day, none the less!!  He was exactly 13 months and just started going.  He still gets places faster by crawling, but he definitely walks a lot.  I'm really, really proud of him (because, seriously, what mom doesn't think that everything their child does is just adorable!?  Well, except the other new "skill"- i.e. throwing food on the floor when he is finished with his meal.  Uggggg.....anyone have any ideas how to stop that??)

*My flower boxes are out of control.  I have 2 colors of pink petunias plus white petunias, and they are gorgeous.  Spencer loves to "help" me deadhead- I pluck the dead ones and he throws them over the edge of the deck.  Cracks him up every time!!

*We have become yard nazis and are cutting down trees and pulling bittersweet vines like it's our job.  I wish I had before and after pictures b/c it's amazing the work we've done.  B even got up on a 28 ft extension ladder with a chainsaw to cut down a HUGE dead branch.  It is fun and really rewarding.

*I made my first strawberry rhubarb pie.  The lattice crust was beautiful and really good.  The filling was perfect in sweet/tart balance, but I would add more cornstarch next time b/c it was a little runny still.  Our guests (and B) loved it, so I'll definitely try making one again next summer.

*Our amazing hydrangea bushes.  I cut a ton of blooms Thursday night and need to cut more already.  They're just gorgeous.  We have blue, white, and pink blooms.  I love the way it looks with all the colors.

*We have three pots of basil and I've already made pesto twice!  It's gonna be a good summer!

*There are only 4 days left in the month, and then it's VACAY for 10, count them T-E-N, days!!!  Absolutely, positively cannot wait!! 


  1. I can't believe how fast he is growing up! My little brother didn't walk until he was almost two because I carried him everywhere. Ha.

    Take some pictures of your garden!

  2. Yea for Spence!! That is exciting! Love hydrangeas and think I'll have to plant some next year!
    Have a wonderful vacation!!!


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