Thursday, June 9, 2011

SYT's gonna look cute in August!!

I picked these darling lobster shorts up for Spence this weekend.  Won't they be perfect for the Lobster party??  I have been searching and searching for lobster stuff for him, and I bought these as soon as I saw them.  L-O-V-E!!

Knowing that Michigan weather is very, very fickle, I also found a rollneck navy sweater with a red lobster on the front that is by LL Bean on ebay.  I'll take it up north just in case!

My two boys will be soooo cute together.  Cannot wait!


  1. adorable! I saw something else the other day and thought of you and the lobster party....

  2. I really really want to come to the lobster party. If I just show up, don't be scared. Ha.

    He will be adorable!

  3. My boyfriend has white and navy lobster shorts and red ones! I just love them! Soooo perfect! (they are actually in my post today)


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