Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Easter Candy Downfall

One of the docs brought two big bags of the Cadbury Mini Eggs into the office today.  DEFINITELY my Easter candy weakness. The hard shells, the creamy chocolate, yumminess x 10.

 Well, that and
black jelly beans.  Don't make fun- I think it's an inherited trait as both my grandmothers LOVE these as much as I do. 

What are your favorite Easter candies???


  1. The Cadbury Mini Eggs are DELISH!

  2. I'm not crazy about any kind of easter candy, but I absolutely think black jelly beans are the worst.... I have a serious aversion to anything that tastes like black licorice...

    did you see on Monday I posted my first of several gardening tips... thanks for the great idea, lets see if I have the discipline to keep up with it!

  3. I just bought a couple of regular big cadbury eggs ... to take to my friend in Nashville whom I'm visiting this weekend. And magically, one has already disappeared. INTO MY TUMMY. Bad Shaina.

    Also - I LOVE BLACK LICORICE!!! And black jelly beans and good n plenty and everything that tastes like black licorice. People always think I'm crazy, but I just love it!

  4. My favorite holiday candy are the Hershey's Easter Eggs. The same thick coating as the cadbury mini eggs, but they're a little bit bigger... and they're delicious!

  5. Mini eggs are my all time faves as well!!!!

  6. lady girl, we'd get in a fight over the cadbury mini eggs, but the black jelly beans would be all yours. I'm claiming your red ones though ;)



  7. hello! i don't really like chocolate nor anything too sweet, but i love me some black jelly beans :)

    oh and you have such a cute blog, i instantly followed you! you seem very nice!

    Have a great weekend,

  8. Ditto from Lisa's fave. But too bad for me...I gave up sugar for lent. But there will be a bag of those little eggs waiting~ from my Easter Bunny. Cadbury's are yummy too! And I love black jelly beans!

  9. My favorite are the Hershey Eggs. So good and addicting!!


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