Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tech question

Does anyone out there have an iTouch?  I have CME $$ (continuing medical education) for work that I can spend however I choose and have to spend this year's before June.  I am attending a conference at the end of April however it costs next to nothing so I still have tons of leftover money.  I don't want an iPhone b/c work won't pay for the phone usage, and I have little desire to switch to AT&T ( I adore my tmobile account!), but the iTouch would be great for all the medical apps (lab values, pharmacology, asthma extenders, etc) plus I could use it for all my personal stuff as well. 

I just wondered if any of you have it and like it or if you have it and hate it.  I'm wayyyyyy behind the times in a lot of this techie stuff and would love any advice you all have!!  Also, we have a PC at home not a Mac, but this still works with it just like a iPod, right? 

Thanks, ladies!


  1. An itouch is just like an ipod. I got one this past august and its been pretty good. Just make sure the places you plan to use it have wireless. Most of the apps need the internet except the games which I'm sure you won't use all that much. My dorm room does not have wireless, so when at school I only use it to work out, but at home its great to just lay in bed and use the internet. The internet is much faster than my blackberry.

    Hope this makes sense! Have a great day!

  2. I agree with mFw that it depends on how much wireless access you'll have. If you can pretty much always get a wireless network, I say go for it, it's a great tool. If not, you'll be limited in what you can do with it.

  3. We have a touch and we love it. It's our 2nd iPod and it's great for the plane or just in the Bose speaker thing for music in the kitchen. You can also download movies and tv shows, it's an awesome device!

  4. Yes, go for it! It will be perfect for your medical apps, plus they have a ton of memory on them for games, music, movies, etc.

    I have a BB through my company w/Verizon, so I did not get on the iPhone bandwagon (hubby has one). The only thing is the wireless aspect. When you have wireless access, the apps and internet are lightning fast, a million times faster than internet on my Blackberry. They've come down in price so much too over the years. :)

    Hooray for almost Friday!

  5. I have an iPhone and my oldest son has an iPod Touch. The touch is just like the phone except it's not a phone or camera. I think you would love the touch, but you do need wireless for some of the apps. I think you would love the touch!

  6. Get it! There are so many wonderful apps that make your life easier! The itouch is just like the iphone except it relies on the availability of a wireless signal to use Google, etc... If you seem to be in a lot of places where wireless is available then you'll love it!


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