Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fill in the blank.....

QBS filled out this tag last week, so I decided I'd fill it out too!

1.  Today is a great day because......Our bedroom and bathroom are spotless, 6 loads of laundry got done, and my hospital bag is packed.  Very productive Sunday!

2.  Tomorrow I will be.............going to work.  Hopefully the second to last Monday I'll be there for 12 weeks! 

3.  My favorite time of the day is.........the end of the work day.  I get to pick up SYT from daycare, love on him, make dinner with B, and get Spence ready for bed.  It's a busy time of the day but the best time to spend with my two favorite people!

4.  Sometimes you just have to..........sit down!!!  Lately my body is just aching and tired from carrying around this babe, and it's getting hard to stay on my feet all day long.  I do it because it's necessary most days, but after Spence is down, there is nothing better than some down time on the couch.

5.  A song I just can't get enough of lately is...........Rumor Has It.  Adele is amazing and pretty much rocks my world. 

6.  My favorite accessory "Due in May" necklace.  2nd favorite is a tie between my large monogrammed silver necklace and my pearl stud earrings.

7.  My favorite thing about this week was...........feeling the baby move a little lower.  Hopefully this means he'll come meet his mommy, daddy, and big brother sooner than later!!

Have a great Monday!!

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