Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My favorite purchase over the last 8 months (ie- perfect pregnancy gift!)

I bought this necklace when I was 11 weeks pregnant.  I found it at a small store in Petoskey and just couldn't resist.  I am so glad I bought it as I wear it at least 5 days a week and have throughout my entire pregnancy.  As SYT says, it's my "baby neckneck".  I  get compliments on it all the time.  It's funny because I haven't worn pearls in ages and the only other necklace I'll wear right now is my gold locket when my outfit demands gold accessories. 

I found the same necklace (or at least very similar) on Etsy right here.  At this price, it's a perfect present for a new mom to be!  Mine has tarnished just a bit over the past 8 months (I got mine for around $20, so that's not too surprising), but I actually like the way it looks with the little bit of tarnishing on it.  It makes it look antiquey and goes well with the typescript.

I love my necklace and hope that you, or a friend of yours, will too!!


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