Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spencer's big boy room

It's FINALLY done!! All the little details have come together, and we are finished with Spencer's nautical big boy room. He's been sleeping in their for over a month now with no difficulty, but it's taken us awhile to pull together the last little details.

This is the main wall.  We painted it navy as we wanted the sail to really stand out against the wall.  The sail is a full sized sail (that we actually had to cut down because it was too big!).  The beds are antiques that we found at a great antique store up in Petoskey.  We didn't want to pay the price they were asking, so we walked away.  Two weeks later they went on sale, my mom offered an even lower price, and they took the offer.  We were beyond thrilled and know they'll stay in our family forever!!

The nightstand was one we had around the house that was hideously ugly.  We sanded it down and painted it the same color as the white walls.  It's a touch smaller than I would ideally want, but it was free, it holds tons of books, and the lamp and the sleep sheep fit on it perfectly.

This is the wall that is in the front of the house.  I made the seersucker curtains out of the table runners we made for our wedding.  We had 28 of them sitting in our basement collecting dust, so I took 8 of them, made larger panels, made a pocket for the rod, and love the way they look in the room.  They aren't blackout shades, obviously, but Spencer has never slept with blackout shades, so I didn't think it would be a big deal.  Normally I would have hung them to opposite sides (as is typical with curtains), but the built-in bookshelf didn't allow for that, so we had to go to the left on both.  I am totally okay with it!

The sailboat oil painting hanging between the windows.

We hung the painting with a cleat and line.  B's idea, and it was the perfect thing to do.  It just ties in the nautical-ness throughout the room.

We used the same line (it's red, blue and white) for the curtains and used the same cleats for the tie backs.

The wall across from the beds.  We hired someone to build the built-in.  There was a weird cut out space in the wall that was begging for something, and we decided that a built-in was the way to go.  Both of us think it was sooooo worth the money.  There is so much storage which we aren't in need of now, but I'm sure we will be in the future as toys start to overwhelm us, and as the boys share a room in the future (they don't have to share as we have plenty of bedrooms, but I love the idea of them sharing for a few years).

SYT's dresser.  We repurposed an old dresser- stripped it and painted it the same blue as the accent wall.  I painted the knobs to look like nautical flags, and I ordered really reasonable wood letters from Etsy to hang the monogram over top of the dresser.

The bed linens are from Company Kids.  Solid yellow fitted sheets for the box springs and the mattresses and solid yellow duvet covers with yellow gingham flat sheets and pillowcases.  I love the color and the softness of the linens, but gosh do they wrinkle so badly.  Even when I pull them out of the dryer when they're just barely dry.  I suppose Spencer isn't going to care though!

A shot from another corner.  The artwork on the wall is 5x7 canvases that I picked up at Joann's and painted with blue, red, and yellow craft paint.  If you "read" it in nautical terms, it spells out Spencer's name.
The stars were added for balance as his name doesn't divide evenly.  I love, love, love it!!  The wood you see in the corner is his closet.  You can also see his toddler bed rails on the bed.  Not necessarily the most flattering decor but definitely a necessity as he is all over the bed when he sleeps!!

B and I are so proud of this room.  We really put a lot of thought into making it toddler enough for now, but we also know that it will transition well over the next 10 years.  We're also happy that it's DONE!!!  Yea!!


  1. love love love this room and great idea B on the cleat and line!


  2. Love the antique twin beds. I love twin beds in little kids rooms. And the sail is perfect!

  3. LOVE IT! You and B did a great job, I love all the details! What a great backdrop to the beds to use a full size sail, how perfect. Love the linens, and no, Spencer will never notice that they are wrinkled! I am still deciding on Little Pit's linens and hoping I can get a steal on a twinbed at the Pottery Barn outlet near us, cross your fingers! It looks great though, nice work!

  4. VERY good job - I love it! (Especially the dresser!) :)

  5. I am LOVING this nautical room! So cute!

  6. Too cool - I especially love the nautical flags that spell out his name! And how fabulous that you got those antique beds at a steal.

    This is also inspiration as I'm putting together Master P's own big boy room; I hope to put this much personalization into his :-).


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