Friday, September 4, 2009

Long weekend!!

I'm so excited for the last weekend of summer. While I am not ready for it to get cold (it simply hasn't been warm enough this year), this weekend is going to be super fun!

I'm at work today until 8 p.m. (normal hours), and B will be home around 5- 5:30. After that, he has to go out and do his 18 miler. I am SO nervous for this! I feel like he really needs some kind of running tag/id tag in case he is out running and something happens. He'll be gone for around 3 hours (can you even imagine?) and then it'll practically be bedtime. He has to run tonight because tomorrow morning we are leaving bright and early for a wedding in Philly!!

My cousin and her darling fiancee are getting married Sunday night in downtown Philly. Everyone is invited to the rehearsal dinner on Saturday as well. A lot of my extended family will be in town for the weekend, and I cannot wait to spend time with them!! We missed seeing a lot of them this summer up north, so it will be great to have a few days together! Plus, the bride's older brother and his wife just had twins, and we will all get to meet them this weekend. They're about 6 weeks old- precious!!! I will be scooping one up asap! Blair's only boy cousin also lives in Philladelphia, so we'll be seeing quite a bit of him too. The weather is supposed to be great, so I have to imagine this will be a wonderful weekend all around.

Hopefully all of you will have a great time on this holiday weekend seeing friends, seeing family, soaking up the sunshine, relaxing, working out, or whatever it is that your heart desires! I'll be back with pictures next week!


  1. I agree that is has been to cold this summer to really qualify as a real one!
    I hope the winter is cold...I love snow in the winter and get depressed when it is mild at Christmas time!
    Have a fun weekend and take pictures!

  2. If you have time, try to stop by the King of Prussia mall. It's fabulous!!

  3. can't wait to see the pics- you have a fab long weekend!


  4. 18 miles, wow. I somehow managed to talk myself out of 4 this morning cuz I had a 1/4 glass of wine last night. 18? Lordy...XXOO

  5. I hope you enjoyed your weekend, it was beautiful here in the Philadelphia area!


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