Monday, September 21, 2009

New Magazine, anyone??

I just received an email from Amazon saying that InStyle is one of their $5 subscriptions until September 26th. I know many of you jumped on the Real Simple bandwagon when Hopsy posted about it being $5 (I did too!), so I thought you may want to also receive InStyle. I read it regularly at the gym, but I think for this price I may have to pick up my own subscription and then donate it to the gym (as I do with all my old magazines).

Town and Country and Country Living are also in the $5 bin, so if you need either of those, check them out there too!!


  1. Nice! I would get both of them if this was offered to Canada too :O(

  2. Ooh! Thanks! I think I'll pick InStyle up for my mom. I scooped up T&C for her & a few of my friends. For $5 who can resist??

  3. oh! thanks! I am ordering right now...


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