Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cute bed linens

I received the LL Bean Home catalog in the mail today, and I had to post some of their adorable summer bed linens.  They're just too cute not to share!

There is also a navy set that is more masculine

There are seahorse sheets that are girly as well

Okay, not a bed linen, but 100% perfect for our family room and the toys that will come with having a new little one around!  I'm going to order at least one of these, if not a few.  They come in two different shades of madras plus solid navy and red AND they can be monogrammed!

Cute stuff, huh?  Me likey too!!  Happy Tuesday, everyone!


  1. We may have been separated at birth, you posted each and every item I went gaga over! Cute-cute-cute things, they do such a great job with their home goods.

    Sending you a smile!

  2. I am so in love with the bedding and other linens.
    Wonderful wonderful.

  3. I got my LL Bean in the mail last night and was equally as enthralled with this stuff! It's all to fabulously classic and preppy! I want.

  4. somebody's nesting...just kidding. these are cute. xox MBM

  5. LL Bean has gone totally preppy, right?!? Love it -- not just for Mainers in the boonies anymore!

  6. Is it weird I want the whale sheets for myself? ;)


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