Friday, May 28, 2010

Why, yes, I am crazy....

Who thinks that traveling 3 hours away with a 2 week old, a stroller, golf clubs, and a 100 lb dog is a good idea?  Oh, you do too?  Great, want to come help me pack?

B and I are taking Spencer and Junie up north to my mom's for the weekend.  We're leaving Sat a.m. and heading back on Monday.  We've been debating the trip all week- it seems like a lot after the c-section and with a tiny, tiny baby, but it's one of the bestie's baby shower and the other bestie's little sister's wedding, so how could we not go?  B has made me promise to take naps in between events when Spencer is napping, and we definitely won't be going out on the town as per our normal.  I really don't care if all we do is walk, have meals, and visit with a few friends, I just want to be up there!!  It's going to be a gorgeous weekend as well- in the high 70s, low 80s.  Usually it's only in the 50s or 60s this early in the season, so the fact that I can wear summer clothes will make me a happy camper (well, those that fit anyway- oh, and can be functional for breastfeeding- that's like 2 things in my closet!).

In other news, B and I took Spencer and Junie for their first walk with the stroller last night.  We went for an hour, and it was great.  While I could feel it slightly near the incision site, it really felt good to stretch my legs and use my body for something other than feeding my little man.  I also weeded in the garden for 1.5 hours when B and Spence were napping in the afternoon, which also really made me feel awake, alive, and somewhat normal again.  Yea!!  I can feel my body waking up again :)

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  I hope it is wonderful and full of sunshine!!


  1. You are brave... but I think it's great! We have some friends who remained very active and traveled a lot after their baby was born and now she's almost one and she's the easiest kid to travel with, she'll nap anywhere, she's well behaved in the car and in restaurants and she can sleep even when the house is full of people... So I think you're doing a good thing, it will pose some challenges for sure, but overall I think too many parents quit everything else in their life once the new baby gets there, and it's good for you and for the baby for you to still have a life...

    And if your friends are anything like we are, once they see spencer you will have instantly a million pairs of hands to cuddle and soothe and to take him so you can rest... after Henley was born we all lined up to hold and snuggle her so Nikki could rest and relax when we all hung out!

  2. Don't overdo too much! Let yourself heal, but have a fun weekend.

  3. Have a great time Up North! You son is really a handsome baby! Congratulations to you both!

  4. Hi sweetie! Oh these baby pictures of Spencer are melting my heart, can you stand how gorgeous he is? That little smile is so adorable :)

    Thank you for your email last week, and for your prayers. My family member is slowly but surely on the mend...long story but thank you again for thinking of me.

    I would be there in a heartbeat if I could to help you pack! You are ambitious but that's what we love about you. Plus I am sure you are dying to show off that little love of yours. Like Elle said, you'll have so many hands ready to help, it will be worth it!! Have a blast and take lots of pictures!

    Safe travels darling! Happy, happy weekend! xoxo

    OH! PS - I loved your post about Petoskey and the NYT! I am going there for the very first time in July, one of my college besties is getting married at The Perry Hotel - have you been there? I hear it's lovely! :)

  5. Way to jump right into motherhood! Your life shouldn't stop cause you have a baby...the baby needs to run right along with you! Love it!

  6. I second MCW- you are grabbing motherhood by the horns and owning it! can't wait to hear all of the stories and hooray for rooting preppiness and a love for Up North from the get-go!



    PS and hooray for a sunny and warm Mem Day Weekend in the Great Lakes too!


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