Friday, May 7, 2010

Today's midwife apt

Well, it wasn't anything like I was hoping.  They checked me for the first time today (this office waits until 39 weeks unless you've been contracting), and I was not dilated at all, and Pud's head is still not engaged.  Plus I'm still having no "real" contractions.  Soooooo.....good news is that B's race won't be interrupted by the birth of the baby (only yucky b/c it's going to be 44 degrees and raining- boo!).  Bad news is that there is little chance of us having a baby this weekend :( 

We have another apt on Monday with a non-stress test, an ultrasound to check for fluid levels, and a full apt.  We have to start talking about induction at that point, apparently.  She asked me if I wanted to talk about it today, but I just couldn't.  I would like to see how Monday goes before I make any decisions about that. 

Also, the midwife said today that she does NOT want me going back to work.   At all.  As of today at 5 p.m.  Ummmmmmm......yea, that didn't fly so well.  I do not want to spend my days at home waiting for Pud.  I want to spend them WITH Pud.  We're going to discuss this again during the apt on Monday- maybe I'll go in for half days or have a lightened load or something.  I just don't want to take up my very limited precious maternity leave without a baby, you know?  And especially since I'm not on bedrest or having any problems- seriously, ladies, I'm as healthy as a horse (love these genes!)!  She seems to think that if I rest, relax, stay calm (all three slightly hard for this go go go lady) then my body will know that I am ready and tell the baby to come.  I'm just slightly stressed about this, but, as I told B today (who is completely agreeing with the midwife, btw), we'll see what happens Monday, open up all the options and go from there.  I did promise I would really, really rest this weekend, and I plan to stick to that.

I've been so blessed with such a good pregnancy that it's hard to know that a possible induction and/or c-section could be in my future.  Not really in my original plan, huh?  But, God knew I was terrified of a pre-term baby and he's just answering a big prayer, I suppose.  I'll get through this, I just know I will.  Probably with a breakdown or two this weekend, but hopefully with a super healthy, chunky, happy baby in the end (even if that is not by natural methods). 

And, really, isn't that all one can hope for??? 


  1. hang in there! baby C, my second arrived 2 weeks ago and both he and my daughter were induction babies. easy delivery with both ...they just wanted to take their time!

  2. Babies come when they are ready regardless of what you are doing - so dont worry about needing to rest for the baby to come.

    If they do induce you it wont be a full blown pitocin type of thing...there is a gel they use just to get things going a little bit.

    And dont worry about your birth plan - going with the flow now will help when the baby comes :O)

  3. Try to stay positive this weekend! Remember - it's not HOW the baby makes it to you, just that Pud will soon be in your arms. The how won't matter as much when it's all over. Good luck!

  4. How exciting! You are really in the home stretch. I have had two c-sections, and a VBAC with no drugs. Whatever you do it will all be fine and the most amazing thing will be finally meeting your baby. I am so excited for you.

  5. keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, as well as being able to go in to your job. look at it this way, Pud already has amazing social graces- he/she knows that it's best to show up fashionably late ;)



  6. I'll be thinking of you! Everything is in God's plan and whatever he does is for a reason. Enjoy your relaxing weekend! Happy Mother's Day to an almost mommy!

  7. It will all be good, you are in the hands of experts and they know what to do !! My 2nd baby was induced and it was fine, if given the choice I would do it that way again, but 2 was my limit :)

  8. hang in there... I know its frustrating... but once the baby comes you won't have much time to rest, rest, rest... so if you have to take time off work before puddin' gets here, it will be a great time for you to just put your feet up and relax... watch some trashy reality tv shows, read a book, get a massage or mani/pedi, get a haircut, cook and freeze some meals for after puddin' comes... it will be the perfect opportunity for you to get the rest and preparation you need... because remember not only do you get puddin' the day puddin' is born, but you truly become a mother to a child, and that turns your whole world and all your priorities upside down... so this may be the last chance you have for a while to put yourself first! Hang in there pretty girl! You're puddin' will come in just the perfect way and just the perfect time! :)

  9. I can see where you are coming from...I would want to spend maternity leave with Pud outside of my belly! Can you work part time???


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