Monday, May 10, 2010

Popular baby names (cause seriously, I have nothing else to blog about anymore!)

One of the besties sent me this list.  Our names aren't on there- either of them!  I was actually slightly surprised that our boy's name is that uncommon to be honest.  There are a few names on both lists that are really, really cute that we never even considered.  Too late now though :)

Just thought some of you would get a kick out of this.  Mrs. Preppy- Baby A is on here.  So is Evelyn- still one of my faves.  Enjoy!  Happy Monday!

Oh, BTW, here's another list for you Preppy baby names  (just thought I'd throw this one in.......hint, hint!)


  1. I decided to look at this list to see some of the names... It is funny how many of the names for girls directly reflect popular culture. i.e. Bella, or the addition of Esme to the list.

    I work in education, and 4 years ago in a school of approximately 130 kids, we had FIVE girls named Jasmine. Unsurprisingly, they were all born the same year that Aladdin was released by Disney.

  2. I kind of hate seeing that her name is on the list.... but at the same time, I guess it means we picked out a name a lot of people like! Our #2 girl name is also on the list, but it is one that I hardly ever hear around here. People down in Dallas like to 'trick' out the names. Crazy spellings, adding unnecessary y's, etc. I can hardly wait to see puddin and hear the name!

  3. Love so many of the names...but, Amanda and Mackenzie? Didn't realize they were preppy. I think Molly should have been on the list :)

  4. oh the lists THE LISTS!! haha
    I do not miss the deciding on a name phase...
    When we decided to go with "mister" i was happy since it's pretty uncommon. (lol jk)

    PS: Stop by my blog tomorrow for a little shout out award to YOU

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