Thursday, May 27, 2010

Our little slice of heaven gets mentioned by the "Big One".

On May 2nd, Ann Pachett (author of Bel Canto and others) wrote an article for the NYT on Petoskey and Julie Norcross.  As you all know, the Petoskey/Bay View area is my summer home and holds onto my heart almost as much as B and Spencer do.  And, Julie, wonderful, wonderful Julie, was my boss for many years as I worked at her amazing bookstore each summer in the evenings and on the weekends.  She is one of the nicest, kindest, smartest, and most loving people I have ever met, and her love for the area just radiates whenever you talk with her. 

I would encourage you all to read this lovely article and then start planning a trip to experience my favorite part of the world :)

New York Times article on Petoskey and McLean and Eakin

Make sure to check out the pictures on the top of the article.  You'll see a few Bay View Cottages as well as the front of the bookstore.  Ahhhh, heaven!


  1. I CANNOT believe you got to work @ M&E -- I'm so jealous -- I LOVE that bookstore. The people who work there are the best, so helpful and anything they have ever recommended I've enjoyed. I go to their website often for book reviews and book club picks. Wish the cottage was closer so I could be in one of the book clubs. YEAH for hitting the big time with the NYT!

  2. I took my parents all around the area a few years back when I finished grad school. So very nice. Am determined to make it up for a long weekend this year. And I'll definitely be putting the bookstore on my list!


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