Sunday, May 2, 2010

Empowering moments

QBS did a post this week on her 9 most empowering moments so far.  I don't know if I have 9, but I thought I'd share a few with you and see if you all can come up with some from your own lives and do posts on them.  This is a great way to celebrate accomplishments we all have made in our lives and to contemplate decisions that have gotten us where we are. 

So here are mine in no particular order
1.  Graduating with my master's degree:  I was never uncertain about going to college or getting an undergraduate degree.  It was my (naive) opinion that "everyone" goes to college (and graduates).  I never really thought about a graduate degree while I was in undergrad- honestly, I was just ready to be done with school for awhile.  After being a nurser for a few years, I knew I wanted more and was ready to be back in school learning, studying, and challenging myself.  I did NOT know what I was in for.  After 3 years of 60 hour weeks before homework, it all came to an end last May, and I am LOVING my new career and my new found knowledge.  I would do it again in a heartbeat even knowing how hard and stressful it would be.  Definitely worth it.  Now the only question is "Is a doctoral degree really worth it?  Do I want to publish?"  Not yet, but perhaps!

2.  Planning my wedding:  Okay, I'm not sure this was life changing in any way, but I worked my butt off planning my wedding while in school and working full time.  Those things made it more stressful than it should have been, but I adored my wedding day and, looking back, wouldn't have changed a thing.  My mom really wasn't a typical mother of the bride- she didn't really want to make decisions and/or help do much (she loved it all, she's just not an event planner at ALL), so the whole thing was really left up to B and I.  I really did love that day, but I'm so glad that the planning is over- it's a lot of work and pressure to be "different" and show your personal style and all those things that get serious hype on all the wedding blogs you read.  Thank God for seersucker.  It pretty much ruled my life for 12 months but made keeping a theme so easy!

3.  Paying off my student loan:  My mom always said she would pay for 4 years of college.  Well, this chicklet went for 5 thanks to not being a nursing major my first year and that the program is a strict 4 year deal (with no summer classes or chances to make things up).  So, I took out a loan to pay for my 5th year and paid it all off within two years.  It felt amazing to be able to budget rent, food, going out in Chicago, shopping, etc while still paying WAY over on my loan.  I knew then that I had a good financial base and would always be able to budget well and make ends meet.

4.  Buying our first house:  Enough said.  I'm truly a grown-up now!!!!  And I love that we waited to buy something we truly loved instead of buying something earlier that was less expensive but "okay".  Hopefully, this is our "one and done" and we'll throw Puddin's graduation parties here. 

5.  Dropping a friend:  Okay, so this might sound mean, but hear me out.  I love my friends with very strong hearts and I would do anything for them.  However, there just gets to be a point when you are no longer friends with someone and it doesn't work anymore.  This wasn't just drifting apart or a huge blow-out that left us not repairing a fight.  This was me deciding that I didn't really like her or her adult decisions and just ending it.  Not even friends on facebook.  Why continue something that doesn't work?  And why hold on to a friendship b/c of shared history?  I don't respect her decisions, I don't get positive vibes from her, and it just wasn't worth it anymore.  While it's weird b/c we're still both good friends with our group, and I'm sure we'll see each other in the future, I know I made the right decision. 

6.  Well, this hasn't happened yet, but I'm sure that giving birth will be one of the most empowering things I ever do.  Pushing a newborn's head and shoulders out of my birth canal (the politest way I could put this) is still a scary thought, but I know that I have the ability to get it done, and hopefully it will be safe, successful, and sans drugs (this is still up in the air).  Girlies, I haven't worked out for 10 months with this belly on my tummy just for kicks!!!  It's all in preparation of the big day and helping Pud and I to be the strongest team out there.  B keeps saying that his mantra is going to be "Pink or Blue".  I'm definitely a believer that not knowing what we're having will help keep me going so that I can finally just KNOW!! 

Okay, so I've got 6.  I'd love to read yours, so think about it and blog this week as who knows what will happen next week for me :)  Enjoy your Sunday!!


  1. Love your list. I'm feeling exactly like that abt a friend right now.
    That's funny abt the mantra. W/our 1st baby, I wanted q-u-i-e-t when I delivered. It's a long time in the room. I kept sending hubbie out for helpful things like cups of ice chips etc. Btw--you might like ice chips when you are in labor. Crunchy & cold. :)
    I am so excited for you. Labor is not as dramatic as they make it on tv. You are going to do GREAT!!! :) If I can do it 2X (9lbs), you can do it. I am a total wimp.
    GOOD LUCK! xox MBM

  2. What a wonderful list! You have some wonderful accomplishments. And don't worry about child birth. Thanks some fantastic medications, it was a lot of anxiety over pain that I barely remember.

  3. My friends and I were just talking about #5 the other time goes on you do realize that some friends were great in college, but now there is not that much you have in common. Instead of just drifting away, one of our friends is finding things to fight about and destroying her friendships. Just not the way to go about it...

  4. Great post! I may have to do this on my blog later this week!

  5. That is a great idea for a post and I liked learning more about you. I definitely think the grad school, loans, and house are huge deals that I can't even imagine because I'm not there yet. I definitely understand what you mean with letting go of a friend and thank you for sharing that story. YES, giving birth is going to be hugely empowering and I know you can do it! I am excitedly waiting for that big announcement, by the way.

  6. you kick so much fanny, it's unreal! I also think that #5 is a huge step towards becoming an adult and being the "best you possible"- when we only have 24 hours to make it all happen, it's just best to keep those 24 as fulfilling, positive and empowering as possible!



    PS- every single post I keep on thinking, this is "the baby" post :) my 2 cents is that you are going to have a Mother's Day baby :)

  7. Sounds like your mom and mine are very similar. When my wedding planning begins, my mother probably won't be a big part of the process unfortunately.

    All 6 of the accomplishments you have listed are HUGE! I agree with QueenBeaSwain, I keep thinking each post is going to be a baby post!

    Thank you for your sweet comment! I am delighted to know you think such nice things about me :) Looking forward to hearing your thoughts after the reveal!

  8. Love your list and CAN'T WAIT to see if Pud is wearing pink or blue!!! :)


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