Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mother for Mother's Day???

I am so hoping that I will be a mother by Mother's Day.  I am really ready to hold such a tiny piece of love and such a big piece of B and I in my arms, to nurse it for its nourishment, and to instill hopes, dreams, and goals into it.  I just don't know how much longer I can wait- it's getting harder and harder by the minute. 

All the work is done, our bags our packed, and our minds are focused on tools to use during labor to help us get through it as strongly as possible.  Now I just need my body to get to it!!! 

I've had a few contractions today (like, very few) and I've definitely "dropped".  However there's been no loss of mucous plug, bloody show, or any other "telltale" signs of impending labor.  We do have our midwife apt tomorrow at 11:45, so I'll have more news about Pud's status after that.  Plus we will find out at that time what happens after you are officially "overdue". 

B is signed up for a 25K (15.5 miles) Saturday morning here in GR.  So, part of me says, "Stay in there Pud until Daddy runs his race."  It's a pretty big deal and his running has just been amazing this year (unemployment makes for LOTS of running time).  The other part of me is just saying "Get out and let me breathe again and love on you!!"  Plus, being born on Mother's Day would be cool, PLUS May 10 is my brother, cousin and good friend's birthday, so all that would be fun.  However, being born at the end of next week would not be fun OR cool b/c this lady does not really want to go to work next week.  Honest to God, my feet are just tired. 

Please, please, please Pud, come out and meet your mommy and daddy.  We are dying to know you!!


  1. My dr was prepared to let me go to 42 weeks...and she did :O( I was induced so if you go too long they will get the baby out!
    Are you working until you deliver?

  2. Bloody show reminds me the movie Knocked Up. Gross, but makes me smile at the same time.
    Praying the Pud comes soon and that labor is smooth and easy!!!
    And good luck to B on Saturday...

  3. so so so close! I've got my fingers crossed and can't wait to "meet" your baby! :) Also, good luck to B!

  4. Can't wait to open google reader and read that Puddin' is here!

    Best wishes to both you and B =)
    Minnesota Girl

  5. keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you! I think it's in the cards



  6. Wishing for a special Mother's Day blessing for you! Will be thinking you!

  7. Bless your heart! you should think about taking off of work after you hear what your midwife has to say... my sister worked all the way up until she went into labor, and she ended up going into labor at about 4:30 after she had been working all day, so she was already exhausted by the time she went into labor... she says if she had it to do all over again, she would take a few unpaid days off as it got closer to the due date!

    Good luck to you! Can't wait to meet puddin'!

  8. I can totally imagine how you're feeling! You're ready!!! I hope Pud comes soon to meet you and B!

    I'm driving to Holland today for a wedding tomorrow. I'm really hoping the weather holds up! I'll be sure to send up a prayer that this little one joins us soon and that you have a rockstar delivery!


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