Monday, June 28, 2010

8 places I would like to visit.......

QBS did this a few weeks ago, and I knew I had to jump on the bandwagon.  B and I have often been out at dinner and done "tags" like this with each other.  We'll do top 10 places to see, top 5 "events" we'd like to attend (usually sport related), top 10 restaurants we've been to, etc.  We love to see what the other comes up with, and it definitely makes for fun conversation after we've created our lists. 

Anyway, I've been very few places in my life.  Due to the fact that we spent 8 weeks at the cottage every summer while growing up, we didn't have the typical "summer vacation" trip that a lot of others had.  We also have a lot of family in Aspen (love that!) and so a lot of vacations were spent there with my mom's side (skiing in the winter or hiking in the summer).  My first trip to Europe was for our honeymoon to Spain, and other than that, my only trip out of the country was to Mexico and one cruise.  Since my traveling has been somewhat limited, I probably wouldn't turn down any trip that was presented to me, but as of today, here are my current top 8 places...................

1.  Switzerland/Austria

After seeing this movie (my very favorite of ALL movies), it has always been my dream to head to Austria to take the Sound of Music tour (yes, incredibly cheesy, but I don't care!!!).  Since I'm going to be "in the area", I thought I'd also just pop over to Switzerland as well.  Really, these countries seem to be incredibly beautiful in all the pictures I've seen, and I'd love to go in any season. 

2.  Canada

I have always loved the idea of seeing all of Canada by taking a train across the country.  Traveling by train seems weirdly glamorous to me, and Canada, while a direct neighbor of ours, gets very little glory for it's gorgeous mountainous scenery.  I remember reading about a trip like this in one of my Gram's elderhostel catalogs, and thinking that I couldn't wait to retire and do this. I think doing it with Elderhostel or Grand Circle would be perfect as it would be a great way to meet other people, have an educational component, and have it all arranged for you. I have also seen a few travel channel and PBS specials on trips similar to this and have loved watching them.

3.  Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, and Napa (Road Trip!)

While this would have to be a 2 week extended trip, it's definitely something that I think would be so much fun.  I haven't been to any of the first 3 cities though I did do a day trip to Napa from SF once.  I'd really like to do Napa with B though- we'd have a ball.  There are so many things to do in all of these cities, and I'd love to see the coastline of the Pacific Northwest. 

4.  Argentina

Truly, this is just because I want to eat Argentinian beef for a week or two and not feel guilty about it.  I love steak pretty much more than anything, and this would be such a grand adventure in eating.  Plus, Argentinian wine has really come onto the scene in the last 10 years, and I'd love to enjoy all of them with my beef!  

5.  London

A truly metropolitan vacation with wonderful sightseeing, great shopping, tons of walking, the ability to take the tube (I love figuring out subway systems, and B is great at it), thoughts of royalty, good theater, and Pimm's Cups every night.  Plus I would also take a few jaunts to the English countryside- most specifically to Cornwall (my mother's heritage).

6.  Madison, WI

Yup, I really want to go to Mad-town. Why? I love college towns, everyone that is from Madison constantly talks about how much they love it, it's really outdoorsy, it seems that there are tons of great restaurants, and I love the midwest with all my heart. It's sad, really, that I lived in Chicago for 8 years and never went there- it's sooo close. Now, we're just going to have to make a family vacay of it. B is all for going too, so we will hopefully go in 2011 or 2012.

7.  Costa Rica

Specifically the Four Seasons in Peninsual Papagayo.  Um, can you say GORGEOUS???  I suppose at $600/night it certainly should be!!!  Costa Rica was somewhere we talked about going on our honeymoon before we decided on going to Spain.  Perhaps for an anniversary one year?   I wouldn't leave without doing a zipline through the rainforest.  A friend of mine did this and said it was the coolest thing she'd ever done.
Seriously, incredible isn't it???

8.   Telluride
I've been skiing a lot in CO (in my opinion it's the best skiing in the west), but never in Telluride.  It's such a PITA to get to, that you have to plan a vacation specifically to Telluride and know you're going to stay there the whole time.  I'd love to go here for our next ski vacay (or Steamboat Springs- another one that is off the beaten path).  I just love the small town feel of the Colorado ski towns and the huge mountains that surround them.  Such glorious views!  You can definitely feel God at work when you are on mainstreet looking up at the snowcovered beauties!

Tell me, what are your top one, five, or eight future dream trips?? 


  1. count me in for Austria, I can be the nanny. and let me know when you go to Madison, I am so there and will be your tour guide!


    and thank you so much for the kind thoughts and prayers


  2. Ooohhh first of all I want to honeymoon in Spain... so if a ring ever appears on my finger you know I'll be hitting you up about honeymoon in Spain tips!

    I've only been out of the country twice both times to Mexico... compared with the preppy boyfriend's family who have traveled all over the world I was feeling pretty lame... glad to know I'm not the only one!

  3. Ooh, great places! I used to live in London -- it is so magical -- and I definitely took that Sound of Music tour while backpacking in college. So cheesy, but soooo much fun!

    Canada's on my list, too -- I think it's crazy that I've been to faraway places but have never visited our neighbor to the north!

  4. So funny that you put that picture for #1!!! My friends rented a place here in the Hampton's this weekend. We didn't know the person they rented from (the broker wouldn't tell)...after some snooping we found out it is one of Julie Andrews houses! We sang The Sound of Music all day yesterday!

  5. I love that you want to do a SOM tour! I want to go everywhere. Argentina is tops on my list right now followed by all of Scandinavia, Croatia, New Zealand and Vancouver :) Fun post!

  6. I LOVE that Madison WI is on the list!

  7. What an awesome list of fabulous destinations! They would all be new for me as well, with the exception of London, I lived there for 9 months in college, it was awesome (except the weather wasn't so great, but otherwise it was a great experience!) Dying to go to Telluride, my sister might be taking a job in Aspen, so I might actually get to cross that one off my list next year too! :)

    BTW Come on over, I've got an award for you here!! xoxoxo


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