Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Spencer is one month old!

Our little man turned one month old yesterday!  I can't believe how fast the first month has gone by.  How will I ever go back to work in just 5 weeks? 

It's amazing to see the difference between newborn and one month.  SYT is now staying awake for longer periods of time, he's just starting to coo, and we've seen a few smiles!  He loves being in the sling or the ergo carrier, likes car rides, likes his swing, hates his bouncy chair, and has slept for seven hours at night (ONCE!).  He is starting to get onto his own little schedule, which is really helpful for me!  I wish we had a doctor's apt at one month so I had a weight and height for you (and for myself), but alas, not until 2 months. 

A few pics below of my sweet little boy.
Doing really well with getting his head up!

Precious little hands

Such a sweet baby face

Practicing with my binky/pacy.   Doesn't it look huge compared to his face?

Mommy- I'm tired and hungry.  Can we stop with all these photos??
(And this is SO his mad face.  I just love it!)


  1. the last one still kills me, love the second to last, he is just such a precious little baby :) any time you need me to sail over Lake Michigan to babysit, I'm all yours!



  2. Congrats! He's such a handsome little guy!

  3. he is so cute... and that mad face... stinkin' adorable.... how are you feeling a month in? have you developed a nice nap schedule? When do you return to work?

  4. Don't worry about crying on your first day back at work - everybody does it!

  5. He is simply adorable, look at all the expressions, even after one month.
    Take lots of pictures as they don't stop changing!! (BTW - new follower, glad to have found you! I love reading about new preppy mommies!)

  6. He really is adorable! A beautiful baby. You kind of want to freeze them at every age, but it so fun to watch them grow and develop little personalities.

  7. Happy 1 month to Spencer :)

  8. Oh my gosh - 1 month already??!!!! Craziness! He'll be 18 before you know it!

  9. Happy one month darling Spencer!! You are such a sweet little boy!! xoxo


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