Monday, June 7, 2010

The beginnings of salsa, bruschetta, and pesto..................

I thought I'd show you guys our current project- our veggie garden!
These two above pics are the whole garden.  Up front are the sugar snap peas.  They've started to flower but no peas yet.  I cannot wait for them to produce!

All the tomato and tomatillo plants in cages or next to a cage for growing support.  We decided to make our own cages rather than buy them- soooo much cheaper.

We also have bell peppers planted in one row between the tomatillos and the tomatos.

The start of our cucumbers

Our carrots which only seem to be growing on half of the area where they're planted.  Not sure why?!?!  I'm going to thin them at the end of this week once they're a touch bigger.

One of our herb pots.  This one has basil, parsley, and cilantro.  One has only basil, and the other has basil and rosemary.  We adore pesto and have planted a ton of basil to keep up with our needs!!

As we get actual plants, I'll add pictures to the blog.  This is a huge experiment for us as we haven't really gardened before.  Last year I grew one pot of tomatoes (I think we used 6 of them before the squirrels got them) and one pot of snap peas which only produced 6 peas total.  Hopefully this will be a much better year.  It has been so fun to wake up every morning and check the plants.  I feel so proud whenever they get even an inch bigger.  Continual updates to come :)


  1. Holy cow, you two are amazing, managing to work on this project while also dealing with such big life changes. It looks like you have planted some goodies too, those sugar snap peas are going to be yumalicious.

    Sending big smiles up I-96!

  2. Good luck with your garden! It will be delicious one day :)

  3. Good for you! Love this, I wish I had a garden for this very reason. Enjoy and let us know what you make with it all :)

  4. You must be so busy, woman! That looks like a well planned garden (and I'm pretty sure you just had a baby). I hope the garden turns out well and you're able to start making those yummy dishes right from your own backyard.

  5. Look at you! Beautiful new baby AND an incredible new garden! I am so impressed!!!!!


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