Friday, June 4, 2010

It's the weekend?!?!

Now that I'm home on maternity leave, the days of the week become one big blur.  This year I have gone from working 3 days a week (full-time, 12 hr shifts) to 5 days a week to now having 10 weeks off to wrap my life around the fact that I am now a mom.  It really is odd to go through this many changes in a year's time!  (Not to mention that we also adopted Junie, moved to a new state, bought a house, lost an income, etc, etc). 

But, really, this post is about the fact that B and I were talking last night about how we should "do something" this weekend, well, because it's the weekend.  And that's what you do, right?  While, right now, it really doesn't matter when we do anything because we're both off with the baby, the rest of the world (and all our friends) are off on the weekends, and it's a nice break to get out of the house, have adult conversations, and take a break from the cleaning/laundry/garden and lawn maintenance/etc. 

We've got a few things in the works.  Hopefully tomorrow we will be heading to Grand Haven to visit the bestie and her husband's family at his cottage.

Our current plans (if the weather stays nice) will be to go down, have lunch with them, perhaps take a long walk on the beach with Spencer and then drive back to GR.  It's about a 50 min drive from our house, and SYT is a great sleeper in the car, so it'll be a good time for him to nap. 

On Sunday we're heading to church for the first time since SYT's birth.  I'm really, really hoping he'll eat right before we leave so that he'll just sleep through the whole service.  I've already got his darling outfit picked out, and I'll make sure to take pictures of him all dressed up for his debut!  We're hoping to have either lunch or dinner with E&J.  I am really in the mood to bake as well, so I am hoping to get a dessert or coffee cake made. 

Overall we're just excited to get out of the weekly non-routine that comes with a newborn and see our friends.  Hopefully you all have great weekend plans that I will hear all about on Monday!!! 


  1. I guess you two will have to re-learn your normal routines with a baby attached! Have fun this weekend!

  2. glad to see you're taking advantage of one of the many great reasons to live where you do!



  3. Just found your blog and I am loving it! I am also missing Michigan like crazy! I can't wait to go home and visit my parents!! Grand Haven is a favorite! You now have a new follower!


  4. Hopefully you made it over to Grand Haven, although the weekend weather wasn't exactly stellar! And we understand the changes in schedules determined by outside events, we have both been there.

    Sending you big smiles,


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