Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Ahhhh......the Jeep Wagoneer.  AEOT's dream car.  In my mind, it has a tan leather interior, a backseat filled with three car seats, and a "way back" lined with Junie's blanket, suitcases packed for the weekend away, and a bike carrier on the back with 5 bikes (or 5 sets of skis depending on the season).  Bruce Springsteen, Indigo Girls, John Mellencamp, and the Miami Men's Glee Club are all pouring out from the speakers, there is squabbling in the backseat, there's water, diet coke, combos, and dried cherries in the cooler which is on the floor in the middle of the backseat (for easy access by the parental units), and Junie is snoring soundly.  There isn't an ounce of room because I don't pack lightly and kids go through at least 4 outfits a day.  Plus, we have a lot of activites to get to during the long weekend- and those activites all require different clothing, of course. 

Unfortunately for me, the Jeep Wagoneer is no longer made.  So, my search goes out for another version of the perfect car for a growing family.  I have had my Subaru Forrester for a little over 7 years now and love, love, love it.  It's wonderfully reliable, it drives really well in all kinds of weather conditions (very important for this snowbird), and it is perfect for Junie and Spence, B and I.  My future concern is that we'd like to have 3 kids total, and with three carseats and Junie, we need something bigger.  I love the Subaru Outback

but I'm afraid it won't be much bigger than the Forrester is.  In fact, I'm pretty sure it isn't.  We need to look a little more closely, and I'd love to stay with the Subaru brand, but I'm just not sure it'll fit three car seats across the back.

My first choice in the bigger car arena is the Volvo XC70.

I love the station wagon look, I love the safety ratings, I love that it comes in navy, and I love that it's a pretty traditional car.  My biggest downer here?  The price.  By the time I price it out to be exactly how I want it, it's going to be easily over $40,000, and uggggg....that's a lot of money!  Especially to B, who is so not a car person.  I'm also not sure it's much bigger than the Subaru's are; however, I see moms in these cars all the time, so they must be able to fit car seats well!

Another we've been looking at when we see them out and about is the Ford Flex

I like the boxy look, it is definitely roomy enough, B's current car is a Ford and we couldn't be happier with it, etc.  A few things I don't like?  It doesn't come in navy (in fact, the silver is the only color I like), and I don't like the weird white top.  Both are cosmetic issues, but I want to think my car is cute! 

Any of you out there with growing families who love their current car?  I'd love to know what you drive and why you love it!  I'm pretty much open to anything!

Or, if you'd rather just loan me $105,000, I'll take this........



  1. we had an old woody Jeep Wagoneer- Dad would use it for hunting and as a weekend car, Dad got rid of it and later said that was the worst mistake he ever made!


  2. Three carseats?? Is there something you're not telling us? We love our little Audi A4 wagon, but there is no way 3 Britax's would fit in the back. We have 2 now and I can't really fit between them (I fit fine between 2 infant seats though).

  3. I personally don't think the XC70 is big enough for three kids, luggage and a dog! But, you might not mind the squeeze. :) We have a 2010 4Runner, and I love it. It's nice and roomy, and could definitely pull off three kids, but not sure luggage for 5 plus a Mastiff would fit in the back. :) You never know though!

  4. I vote for the Volvo! The car is like the ones in the Tommy Hilfiger fall campaign.

  5. My husband and I both used to drive Subarus - great cars. I had a Forrester, Hubby had an Outback. But, with our growing kids, the Forester didn't have enough leg room, especially for the car seats. I now have an Audi 4 wagon and love it, but it didn't completely solve the leg space issue. I've heard great things about Honda Pilots, which have a third row. Something you may want to price.

  6. I think we may be car soul mates! I also dream about an old Wagoneer (or maybe an old Volvo), and my first car was a Forrester. I also require a navy paint job. Have you checked out the new VW wagons? The Jetta and the Passat are pretty lovely...

  7. Love Volvo wagons...they were the family car for years when I was growing up. A friend of mine just bought a two year old out of a corporate lease...it is gorgeous...with few miles!!

  8. I have an extra 150k lying around...no problem. You will look great diving that Benz.

  9. This summer, we'll be doing the same thing! We're ready to start trying again which means two car seats in the back and one big stroller in the trunk - neither of which our car can handle. So not looking forward to that search!

  10. Hopefully I'm not repeating myself, but we have been *very* happy with our Ford Escape, although it may not be as roomy as you would like.

    Sending you a smile,

  11. 1995 Ford Bronco XLT. The 4 wheel drive, 5.8 liter engine and all season snow tires, makes driving from Sacramento to Lake Tahoe easy.

    Kids love it, wife loves it, dog loves it and I love it.

  12. I have a 1991 Jeep Grand Wagoneer and love it! See the attached website for photos. www.1991jeepgrandwagoneer.com

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