Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Christmas cards

Ah, Christmas cards.  I love receiving them, I love sending them, I love hanging them on my fridge, and I really prefer ones with pictures.  My mom keeps hers in a basket and keeps all the pictures from previous years so that we can all go back and look and see how kids have grown over the years.  I love this! 

Two years ago, B and I sent our Christmas card with our wedding picture.  I still look at that one and smile with delight.  Last year we moved into our house on Dec 22nd, and I had started a new job Dec 1, so there was no hope for a Christmas card.  Instead, we send a New Years card with a picture of our new house on the front.  It was a fun card to send, and it was nice to combine a holiday card with a "we've moved" card.

This year?  It's all about our buddy!  We didn't do birth announcements (it wasn't really in the budget when B wasn't working), so this is our true "announcement" to our family and friends.  I've been a Shutterfly user for years.  I've found it to be the easiest of the photo share sites, and I think the quality of their pictures is great.  I've ordered prints, books, and cards from them in the past and have been impressed by them all.  Since having Spencer, we signed up for the print savings plan so that we can order as many photos as we want at a significant savings. 

This year they have expanded their Christmas card selection, and it's been a blast to see which cards other bloggers love.  I've seen lots of the bright ones with pink, blues, greens, oranges- they're super cute and there are a few of those that I would totally go for if I had a couple of crazy kidlets running around.  This year, though, I'm feeling that the card should be simple and traditional.  We haven't taken our pic yet (hopefully we will get a good one this weekend), but once we do, I'm hoping the winning picture will fit well with one of the cards below.........

Love the tartan plaid on this one

Simple, easy

Some of the bright colors yet still pretty traditional

Maybe I just think this baby is cute, but I also love the wreath and the monogram.  So far this and the tartan are in first place for me.

Love the sentiment on this one

Someone who lives on the beach and has towheads must order this card.  I think it is perfect!!  I thought about using one of our pictures from the Lobster Party, except SYT has changed so much since then.  It would be the perfect setting for this card though, right? 

Thank you, Shutterfly, for offering free cards for bloggers this year!  I would have used one of your cards, regardless, but I'm thrilled to get our first 50 for no cost.  Don't worry, you'll get plenty more use from me in the future :)


  1. I love these cards! T & I are still deciding what to do this year...I'm hoping we can get some engagement photos done in time!

  2. The Tartan is adorable. My vote is most definitely yes.

    I continue to be amazed by what Shutterfly offers. I'm not particularly crafty so it's such a lifesaver!


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