Saturday, November 6, 2010

Restaurant Week!

Grand Rapids is jumping on the national "Restaurant Week" bandwagon, and I am super excited!  If you don't know about restaurant week, it, essentially, is a way to try a bunch of new restaurants at a fixed cost.  Most of them have a set menu that allows the diner to choose one appy, one main dish, and one dessert from a list of 2 or 3.  GR's started on Thursday, and, while we couldn't go out that night, we went out Friday night with E to kick off the weekend.

Marco's is a place we've been interested in trying that's pretty close to our house.  One of my attending docs just loves it.  The menu (click the link above) was enticing, so this was our first restaurant week dinner.  E and I had the scallop stuffed whitefish, and B had the pork tenderloin.  Mine was good, but B's was WAY better.  Seriously, it was awesome.  We liked both the appys, and the desserts were good too.

We're thinking about trying Republic, and we love The Green Well, so we may hit that up as well.  We're usually not the couple who goes out to dinner mid-week (we usually go out once a week at the max- usually once every two weeks, to be honest), but for an occasion such as this?  We're willing to give it a shot!

Have any of you done Restaurant Weeks in your own towns?  Did it create a buzz?  I'm hoping it gets enough people out and about in GR that they consider doing it again next year!

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