Friday, August 13, 2010

Lobster party- family pics

This last one is my favorite (though I look quite wide in the chest region!!)

These dunes are where you will see many, many families taking pictures on lobster party night.  We won't be using any of these for our Christmas card this year as SYT will change so much between now and then, but I'm sure one year our picture will come from this party!!  It's just a great, gorgeous, simple spot to get a family snapshot.  I mean, really, can you beat the blue sky against the reed grass?  Gorgeous!


  1. These pictures are GORGEOUS!! What a beautiful family!

  2. Oh how adorable are you guys?! These pictures are gorgeous!! Such a lovely family :)

  3. you all need to be models! and btw- the girl with the lobster smocked dress wins best dressed!


  4. What a gorgeous family!! Too cute :)

  5. Wow. Those are just beautiful, each and every one of them! The 3rd photo ,with you both kissing that darling child, could be my new fave. :)

    Sending you a smile,


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