Wednesday, February 18, 2009

25 Things About Me

I've seen a few people do this on their blogs, and I know it's all the rage over on FB, so I thought I'd do my version here.

1. Our first daughter will be named after my grandmother. There is nothing about my "gram" that I wouldn't want my daughter to emulate. She's an amazing woman, and I only hope I can raise a child to be like her.

2. My husband looks best in long-sleeved shirts with the sleeves rolled up, his lobster pants or any of his colored pants (lt blue, yellow, green, nantucket red, the list could go on), flip-flops, and a tan. This is his standard summer night attire, and he looks hot in it!

3. I love to bake. It's really been missing from my life lately due to other committments, and I can't wait to get back to it. Measuring cups make me happy! My favorite recipes are for an apple tart and a lemon quick bread.

4. I will only eat my food if it is hot or cold. I do not like anything at room temperature (okay, maybe some soft cheeses).

5. I have a full set of Christmas dishes. I received my first plates when I was a freshman in college (and couldn't use them!). When I was little, I used to make my mom walk past them in Marshall Fields during Christmas time "just to look." When I say little, I'm talking 8 or 9!

6. I can be very stubborn, and if I am upset about something, it can take awhile to cajole me into a good mood. I am definitely a passionate person with very strong opinions.

7. My favorite place in the world is Bay View, MI. My friends there are the closest I have. I'm amazed we all became so close spending only 8 weeks of the summer together. We spend much less time together now, and I miss them all so much when we aren't together. I think most of us (and our families and other families we know) consider it "home".

8. I could give up alcohol forever without difficulty. However, if someone asked me to give up sweets for the rest of my life, I would have to go to rehab.

9. I love, love, love antique jewelry.

10. I pray all the time that God will help me to be a good mother.

11. I crave red meat regularly. I think I have a Y chromosome floating around somewhere in my body that demands it!

12. I know 100% that I am in the right profession. I am so lucky that I truly love my job and the work I do.

13. I do not like my food to touch. If I could have found everyday plates that had dividers, I would have registered for them. Buffets are my worst nightmare.

14. I love church because it is the time during the week that I am forced to be still and just listen. It makes my week so much calmer.

15. My dream house is built in the early 1900s, has a huge porch, a back staircase, an unattached garage, floors that creak, and a back screen door that slams. It would also have a basement, a laundry chute, and stained or leaded glass above the front door. Yes, I'm also aware it will be drafty and not have enough closet space. That's a-okay.

16. I really love going to the gym but am far from thin (see #8). I prefer classes where the instructor is a drill sargeant!!

17. My favorite band is Indigo Girls. I've been to 13 concerts, a lot of them with Sara, but one I attended alone. I will never tire of their harmonies.

18. I have 17 cousins on my mom's side and none on my dad's. I adore having a large family and wish I could have 6 kids so that my kids and grandkids could also be blessed in this way.

19. I adore Champagne. Yum!

20. I am madly in love with my husband. He occasionally travels for work, and the day he comes home, I walk around all day with butterflies in my stomach.

21. I love gummi bears, but only the ones made by Haribo. They are the best!!

22. I hope I never have to live in a place that doesn't have 4 seasons. I love them for all their different properties, and I would hate to live somewhere that snow doesn't fall, that leaves don't change, or that summer days aren't long.

23. Of all the genres of books out there, I love spy novels the best. Daniel Silva is my favorite author in this arena, though Robert Ludlum is a very close second. I am just starting on WEB Griffin and am loving him as well. I have a deep wish to be a CIA agent!!

24. I would never, ever want to be famous.

25. My husband is afraid of the day that my grandmother dies. I can't even imagine what the days surrounding it will be like for my family. She's lived an amazing and wonderful life (she's still cross country skiing at 84), and, even though I know she'll be at peace and okay with going to heaven to be with my grandfather, my life without her will not be the same.


  1. I need the recipe for your lemon bread. I love anything lemon!!

    My husband likes Robert Ludlum novels and swears I should read one and I'll be hooked. The Bourne movies are so my favorite (ok, that has something to do with Matt Damon) and I secretly wish I could be a spy too!

  2. why did i NOT know that you had a blog?? i laughed out loud at's SO the reason why i love you so much. details, details, details, and you will fight til you get it that way!! and duh, you will be the BEST mother. but the stubborn thing WILL get passed off to your child...just so you know. e picking out all her own clothes in the morning...stubborn...not fun. sean laughs that i created my own monster...sheeesh!! oh, this is katie by the way...xoxoxo

  3. Anne, this is great! It is hard to describe grandma to others accurately, she is clearly one of the strongest, smartest, most loving, accepting of everyones differences and faults, forgiving, animated, charismatic people I know. We can find comfort in the fact that we all recognize that in her, and will pass those values on to our children.

    Your list also made me wish we lived closer together, I think we would be great friends! Thanks for sharing, I am inspired to do the same on my blog.


  4. love the grandmother reference and Haribo gummy bears! Both are the best! :)

  5. I just found you through my dear friend Preppy Baby/Wedding. We have so much in common. I also LOVE haribo gummi bears. Yum. Happy (almost) Friday!


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