Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy Birthday S!!

Today is the other bestie's birthday!! She turns 30 today! She and her husband came in to celebrate B's birthday with us this weekend, so we also got to celebrate her birthday as well. Even though she lives in the Chicago suburbs, we definitely don't see each other enough.

S and I have been best of friends since we met on the Bay View beach. I was three, she was two, and we've never looked back! Our cottages were kitty corner from each other, so we road our bikes to club, the beach, the rec, and anywhere else we could get to! Her parents were always the ones to host all the young teenagers on their porch for euchre nights (always with our Slurpee beverage of choice!). We lived together for two years when we moved to Chicago right after college, shared a bathroom, and a closet, and are STILL best friends! I know she will always tell me the truth and loves me wholeheartedly (faults and all!). Happy Birthday, S! I'm so glad we're friends!

**The two pics above are from S's wedding this past summer. She and I were both married up north 3 weeks apart! It was a crazy busy time, but SO much fun.**

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