Sunday, February 22, 2009

Prayer requests

My best friend's son was admitted to the ICU last night with pneumonia. He has been sick a lot this winter, as a result of being a preemie, and just couldn't make it at home anymore with his breathing treatments. He's on oxygen and is receiving IV antibiotics and steroids for his lungs. His parents are having a hard time right now as most would, so any prayers for little Ben to get better would be appreciated. He'll be fine in the long run, I know, but the ICU is always a scary place to be.

Also, the son of family friends is being admitted to the hospital I work at tomorrow for open heart surgery. He's young (9) and, because of a genetic condition he's had since birth, is not as likely to make it out of surgery as most who have this procedure done. He has been such a blessing to his family, and this is really scary. No one knows what to expect which is even scarier than the surgery itself. It'll be a very tense day for the immediate and extended family members.

Please, if you read this, say a small prayer for both Ben, Crew, and their families as they all have a long week ahead of them. I would really appreciate it. Thank you!

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