Monday, February 2, 2009

Chicago Marathon Runner!!

Okay, so I'm not really running the marathon this fall, but my husband, B, is!! He signed up yesterday and is so excited. He did 2 half marathons in 08 and 2 in 07, so he feels like this is the next thing he needs to "accomplish". He was never a runner growing up (soccer and hockey were his sports) and only became a runner when he decided to do his first 10K and then later his first 1/2. B is great at setting goals and really working towards them. I'm always so impressed with his dedication to his races and his ability to run continuously for lots and lots of miles. The longest I've ever run is 3.5 miles! He doesn't have to start training until 18 weeks prior to October 11th, so sometime in May, I think. He's running regularly now, so I'm not sure if he'll start doing some serious training prior to May or if he'll just give it all over to Hal Higgdon then. I cannot wait to cheer him on in October!!

Have any of you run marathons before? Any great advice that I should pass along? Are any of you running in Chicago this fall?? I'll cheer you on too if you are!!

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  1. I haven't run any Marathon. My sister rand the Chicago Marathon in 2003 (just two yrs after a bone marrow transplant for non-hodgkin's Lymphoma). Her bone marrow donor and my BIL ran in it with her.
    My BIL did the marathon in the two yrs prior.
    My room mate from college also ran in this marathon in 2003 and in the one in 2007.
    My aunt has run numerous marathons in California.
    I wish him good luck.


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