Thursday, February 19, 2009

Good News!

My cousin and his wife got married in Labor Day weekend of 07. They have been wanting a baby for awhile now, and we found out in December that they are pregnant with twins! Today we found out that they are having a boy and a girl. The ultrasound showed that the babies' hearts are in good working order and that the pregnancy is going as smoothly as possible. I am so thankful for this! At times it is very difficult to be a pediatric nurse and not worry constantly about friend's and family's pregnancies. On a daily basis I see all the things that could possibly go wrong, and I have a hard time knowing that people who are close to me could go through these things. What I choose to think about instead is that since we are a major medical center, I see the sickest of the sick, and MOST children are completely healthy and happy. Also, to the moms out there, children are incredibly resilient and make it through things that they shouldn't ever make it through, so don't let this post stress you out!! It's really just supposed to be a praise that C&A will have the first great-grandbabies in our family and we'll all get to meet them at his sister's wedding in September. I'm so so so happy right now!

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