Monday, February 9, 2009

The Grammys

I happen to think that Taylor Swift is adorable. I think one of the reasons I like her so much is that she sings completely appropriate songs for her age and acts her age. I don't ever feel like she's 19 trying to be 25. From what I can tell, she's quite grounded and has good people around to keep her that way. I thought she and Miley Cyrus did a great job performing last night. B and I were quite disappointed at the CMAs b/c the sound was so off on a lot of the songs, and she sounded really bad. Tonight was much better!! B doesn't think she's as great as I do :( He thinks she's too "breathy". He'd prefer to stare at Carrie Underwood's legs all night. I have to say, I can't blame him!!

(In case you're wondering, my favorite song by Miss Swift is Our Song. It's way cute!)

Like a lot of America and the UK, I've really enjoyed Coldplay's rise in the music scene. I'm not a celebrity stalker, so I really know very little about Chris Martin. I could've passed him on the street without necessarily knowing who he was (except for all the paparazzi!). Last night, before the Grammys, he did an interview on 60 Minutes. It was so interesting. B and I were really surprised at how likeable, normal, and non-rockstarish he was. Coldplay takes their work very seriously, and it was great to see that they weren't just sitting around doing drugs and living an insane life. There are rules posted inside the studio that all must follow who enter. He also has very amazing blue eyes. I really enjoyed the song he did with Jay Z and thought Viva la Vida was just in good as person. I just wish he and Gwenyth had asked for the public's opinion before naming their kids. I'm still not over Apple!
Also, what was up with Kanye's hair??? Channeling a little Lionel Richie circa 1982?? Ick!


  1. I absolutely adore Taylor Swift!! I love it that she acts and dresses her age. :)

  2. Kanye's hair was sick - in a bad way:)

    My mom and I are crushing pretty hard on Chris Martin! LOL. Coldplay is coming to Alpine Valley on July 25 - and we're totally going to go. Tickets go on sale Saturday.


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