Saturday, February 28, 2009

Our First Lady's Official Photo

Yesterday, they released Michelle Obama's official first lady photo. After seeing how well she presented herself at all the inaguration events, it's no surprise that this picture is just as gorgeous. Apparently she is the first first lady to wear a sleeveless dress in the official photo. I say, if you have those arms, you have to rock them! I do love the double strand of pearls. I love pearls in all forms, but double strands just scream "ladylike" to me. What do you think of the "official" photo? Are you at all offended by the sleeveless dress? Do you think your grandmother is?


  1. I'm undecided about the lack of sleeves. I feel like she's missing something. She does look very chic and beautiful. The very picture of a modern first lady.

  2. I am not sure why her arms would offend anyone? Bizarre! She looks amazing, beautiful - have you seen the Vogue photos? She is already a style icon in my opinion. This should be viewed and admired whatever your politics are! Thanks for posting.

  3. She looks awesome! I love her - and I think I would wear sleeveless every day if my arms looked like that:) She's a classy lady - I think she made the right choice.

    Oh, and we're in Wicker Park! What about you?

  4. Oh.... I love this photo of her! She always looks so chic.


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