Thursday, February 12, 2009

Jersey Boys

It was GREAT!! B said he was surprised at how much he liked it; he sang the songs the whole way home! The guy who played Frankie Vally also played him on Broadway, and, wow, can he sing. Like B said, "not many people can do what he is doing." Especially 9 times a week for months on end. He was fantastic. I would highly recommend this musical to anyone. You'll know a lot of the songs (even if you don't think you will), and it's a really fun night. It would also make good birthday, anniversary, mother's/father's day presents for your parents or grandparents. They will love it, probably more than you do!!

I'm so glad we got to attend. See if it's coming to a city near you and book the tickets now!! It leaves Chicago in June, so Chicago girls, hurry!!

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