Friday, June 26, 2009

Busy as a bee!

1. Tonight we are heading to see Indigo Girls at Ravinia with our friends Pete and Nikole. We are in charge of the food and they are in charge of the wine. I'm marinading the flank steak now for steak sandwiches with horseradish sauce. I just finished making the cream cheese brownies, and the pesto cream cheese dip is ready to go with the cracker and crudites. Our basil is growing like gangbusters, and it's all I can do to stay on top of it! I'm going to make more pesto on Monday (our fourth batch!)

2. Tomorrow morning B needs to get in 8 miles for the marathon training, so I'm going to work out as well. We'll then walk the pup over to the farmer's market for some flowers for the evening.

2. Around two-ish tomorrow my brother, his girlfriend, and his dog arrive for the weekend. I'm so excited to see them.

3. Tomorrow night we're hosting a backyard gathering for about 20 or so people. We're having chicken kabobs, a caprese pasta salad (more basil!), a rice salad (I'll have to post the recipe- it's so good), watermelon, cherry limeade cupcakes, beer, and a signature cocktail. Another couple is bringing an appy for the group. I'll make sure to take pics and post recipes next week. There will also be 3 dogs involved in this endeavor, so it could get completely out of hand. Hmmmmmmm........

4. Sunday we are taking Junebug to the beach for the first time. We'll all go with both the dogs and see how she does. I just don't see her as a swimmer, but with the heat wave we've been having, maybe she'll go in. I'm not sure what we'll do all afternoon, but we'll head out for dinner later in the evening.

I'm prepping all this now as well as reloading iTunes onto my computer (horrid task). I want a new summer playlist, and when my computer crashed last year, I lost all my music (BACK UP YOUR STUFF, PEEPS!). I am now in the process of reloading cds and then will get on to purchasing some newer stuff. This leads me to ask, what songs remind you of summer? I'd love to know. Also, any great workout songs that you are loving right now?

I hope you all have fabulous weekends planned!! Life is good :)


  1. Wow - that sounds like an absolutely perfect weekend! What fun plans! AND those menus sound just delicious. Do post recipes....there's nothing like fresh basil :)

  2. Sounds like a great weekend you have planned.
    I think that it might just be the perfect weekend for Ravinia.

  3. I need basil help.... my plants are growing tall, but not out. how do you get them to grow outward? Also, how often do you pick the leaves? I have a couple plants that need some grooming.

  4. sounds like wonderful weekend and everything you're fixing sounds so delicious!!

  5. Have fun. Sounds like a great weekend. Cherry limeade cupcakes sound good. I'm also preparing for friends to come over tomorrow. Just made a key lime pie and mango pico de gallo to go with the grilled chicken. Entertaining is hard work! Good luck with the dogs!

  6. You two sound so fun; I want to spend a weekend with you! Whenever someone asks me a music question, I draw a complete blank...only to later think of what my answer would have been. Sorry I can't suggest any great summer music right now. Have fun with all of your events!


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