Monday, June 29, 2009

Fun at the Dog Beach (AKA: Junie B is a wimp!)

My brother and his GF arrived on Saturday afternoon with their dog, Bella. We took the dogs on a nice long walk and then finished getting everything ready for the party. Dinner in the backyard was GREAT- recipes soon. It did start raining around 9:30, and since our apt is so tiny, many left earlier than expected which was disappointing.

Sunday we were up nice and early to get the dogs to the dog beach. We met some friends and their dogs there as well. It was Junebug's first trip to the beach, and while she loved the other dogs and being able to run everywhere without the leash, she was completely terrified too ladylike to get her pretty fur all wet and ruin her gorgeous coat. We weren't expecting her to be an Olympic champion ball fetcher like Bella is, but we were hoping for a little bit of frolicking at least! Hopefully exposure will help her a bit. We'll definitely go back this week to see if it helps!

Our dog beach- look at all the people and dogs!!

Junie B checking out the sand

Junebug and I in the water.

Bella swimming

Our friend's dog, Bruce. He is such a cute puppy!! And so tiny compared to our huge baby!

Here you can see how Junie B was trying to have as little of her in the water as possible. She would lift up one of her paws every time she felt the water- funny girl!

This is B trying to explain something to her. I just love how her head is cocked in this pic.

Our friend, Chris, and his dog Roscoe. Roscoe and Bella loved swimming together.

Junebug was trying to get out of the water and instead of running to the shore, she kept backing up further and further into the water. My brother was out there, so he brought her back in. She wouldn't even touch the water after that!

All in all, our first trip to the beach was great fun. We even met a mastiff who was 170 lbs (with about 20 to go!)- what a giant! He was beautiful and oh so calm. Maximus- perfect name, right?

More on the weekend to come.........

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  1. How fun! I can't help but be a bit jealous...I want a puppy...and some water time!


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