Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Other sites in Barcelona as well as some Bubbly!!

So, I'm saving our amazing dinner post for later. I'm still dreaming about it in my sleep, and I just don't have the words to describe how amazing it was. Maybe I'll have B do a guest post- he's better with words than I am!

So, instead I'll show you a few random BCN pictures
The first is at Santa Maria Del Mar (gorgeous and old church), and the second is of their pews. I adore the look of these pews, and they just seemed to glow with years of use and refinishing. I am definitely traditional when it comes to churches, and I wish all pews looked like this. Give me a well made wood bench anyday over a cushy stadium style seat (I have enough padding back there :P).

B and I also went up to Montjuic which is their version of an urban park. They had gorgeous botanic gardens up there as well as the most adorable cafe. Our lunch up there was one of our best- good food, peaceful, great views, etc. It is also where the Olympic Stadium is. B was in heaven here. We've vowed we'll go to an Olympics someday- now it's just deciding when (he's voting for winter, I'm still stuck on summer).

My first Coca Light!! It definitely tastes different than Diet Coke, and it tastes SO much better with a lemon than without.

We took a tour of the Catalan Music Hall (El Palau). It was gorgeous inside but no pics are allowed as it is a private building. B and I both wished we had gone to a concert rather than gone on the tour as the tour was short and relatively uninteresting. Bummer! This font is on the outside of the building and I just adore it. Wouldn't it be a great font for an invitation??

Biggest croissant I've ever seen!!

We had to rent a car to get from Barcelona to Moraira (the beach town) and the Cava Region just happened to be on our way, so we stopped to do two winery tours and tastings.

The next two are of B and I checking out the cava bottle shaped car- fabuloso!

Isn't this an interesting wine rack? We almost had it shipped home to us! We just have no idea what our future house will look like our how the space will be configured, so, alas, it stayed in Spain.

Next up, the beach town......aka heaven on the Med!

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