Thursday, June 4, 2009

Moraira, Spain

Moraira is a darling beach town between Valencia and Alicante on the Mediterranean shore. We were staying in a family friend's house- part of the reason we chose Spain for our honeymoon was to enjoy our time at this house! What we didn't realize, however, is that this town is not Spanish at all. It is a German resort town and is definitely more German than Spanish, in every way. The property manager who let us into the house barely spoke a lick of Spanish, and she lives in Moraira year round! She was able to get across the word "banditos" to us. She kept waving one hand at us and saying "5 min" "5 min, everything gone." Apparently there have been a few breaking and entering problems in the area! We did FREAK out that night when, after coming home from our paella dinner, all the lights we had left on (as she told us to) were all out and the house was pitch dark. I was terrified and had B go in and check the whole first floor while I stayed in the car. We finally realized that the fuses were tripped- then we had to find and deal with a Spanish fuse box in the dark with only my cell phone as a light. Interesting first night to say the least!

The views were gorgeous, I loved cooking dinner with my husband, we enjoyed cava and wine while chatting about our future together, we went on long walks, we got great color, and we thoroughly enjoyed the pool! Below are a few pictures of our days there!!

A picture looking at the house from seaside. You can see the upper level of stairs that takes you to a deck on top of the house. We spent a wonderful evening enjoying drinks up there. Definitely one of my favorite memories.

The town esplanade

The port in Moraira. Gorgeous, no? We loved walking through all the boats (just like we do up north!)

The lighthouse at the end of the rocky pier. Isn't it pretty? Can't you just see it in Maine? Okay, maybe the houses in the background aren't reminiscent of Maine, but the light is perfect!

A beautiful open air bar that sat right on top of the Med.

Dinner at Options- a great English spot in downtown Moraira. Fantastic meal!

My Pimm's No. 1 at Options. It was Pimm's Cup, lemonade, strawberries, cucumbers, and mint. One of the most delicious things ever!

Me with Il Fach in the background (on the left).


  1. Beautiful house - I can't believe you got to use it! Awesome. You and your husband are simply adorable. So glad you had a great time.

  2. Love the stories & pics. I know this part of Spain well. I lived in Denia which is in the same area, it's so beautiful. Did you visit Benidorm?

  3. The last picture is BEAUTIFUL! I hope you have it framed somewhere in your house!

  4. I am just drooling over every picture- this was the perf honeymoon.


  5. That house is fantastic! I love how everything is rounded rather than harsh corners! It sounds like a fantastic trip/honeymoon for you all.


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