Thursday, June 18, 2009


is my first trip up north for the summer!! We actually haven't been there since Christmas. We're going up because B has a bachelor party at his friend's summer cottage which is in Charlevoix (a neighboring town), and my Gram just turned 85 so we are celebrating her birthday on Saturday night. Many of my friends won't be up yet, but the few that do have darling children that I am so excited to see! We'll get up later Friday night (9ish?) and I'll just hang with my mom. Saturday Gram and I will go on a walk with Junebug, I'll visit with Katie and her kids (I'll take pics because they are beyond precious), perhaps walk around downtown for a bit and then head to my aunt and uncles for the party. I'm hoping Junie B (her new nickname) can handle all the excitement! Sunday I hope to get a run in and see a few more people before we have to leave to come home. It will be such a quick trip for all the driving (6 hrs both ways), but I don't care!! I'm just thrilled we're going!

I'll try to be camera happy and post some pics next week. What are your weekend plans? Fun parties? Weddings? Races? Tball games? The beach? Having a baby (shout out to Momx2)?????? Whatever it entails, may it be wonderful, warm, and full of love!


  1. Enjoy a coffee at roast & toast for me !! We're going to Chicago for the weekend.

  2. Thanks for the shoutout! Have a lovely time - sounds so much fun. Safe travels, friend!


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