Saturday, June 13, 2009

The end of our vacay................

The rest of our time in Seville was spent

1. Walking around more parks and plazas

2. Visiting the Cathedral (ehhhhh..... I apparently am not a true fan of Gothic architecture as I thought it was way overdone, too ornate, very dark, and not "churchy" enough for me. Can churches feel more or less "churchy" than others? Maybe because the worship area was so small and everything seemed devoted to the shrines all over rather than the point of worship- Jesu! I don't just didn't have the same life and devotion that I felt from La Sagrada Familia.)
From the outside
It was amazingly tall- this pic doesn't do it justice. I totally felt like a tiny mouse in there!

Christopher Columbus's tomb

3. Watching the UAFE championship game Manchester United vs. Barcelona. This was BY FAR one of the best experiences we had. I loved watching the locals get so hyped about their teams. Soccer is amazing, and I wish we Americans appreciated it more. Lots of good looking, sweaty men running around and you can actually see their faces (unlike football and hockey)??? Yes please!!
Can you see how sweaty we were? The bar was seriously wall to wall people and SO hot. Apparently there are no fire marshalls in Spain! There were even people sitting in the windowsills and on top of all the tables.

4. Walking across the river, having a drink at a cafe, and picking up gorgeous pottery pieces! B's parents gave us money for graduation, so we bought four round, blue and white serving pieces as a part of their gift. They're all different patterns but they're similar enough that they go well together!
The view from our riverfront bar.

A beautiful building on the river.

On Friday we took the train up to Madrid from Seville and took a taxi to our hotel. We stayed out at the Hilton which is by the airport. Our original plan was to take their shuttle into town, see the major plaza in Madrid, perhaps go to the Prado, etc. Instead we got to our hotel (it was incredibly modern, swank Hilton for sure. Much nicer than the one in BCN), worked out in the gym for an hour, layed by their super cool pool and just chilled. Since we were in a suite, we had access to the lounge on the 4th floor which had free internet access, heavy snacks out at all time, free drinks from 4-10 (wine, beer, cava, liquors), etc. We ended up playing cards up there for awhile while snacking and even ate dinner at the hotel. While I feel slightly bad that we didn't see Madrid at all, it was wonderful to just hang out and rest on our last vacation day. I think it made the long travel day flying back to the States the next day SO much better!

So, that was our honeymoon in a nutshell! We had a great time and would love to help anyone else who is interested in going to Spain. We definitely feel like we have great recommendations and also things to skip. Thanks to all of those who have read these long posts!! Mwah!


  1. Thanks for all the pics !! What a wonderful trip. My son is a soccer boy and Man U is one of his favs.

  2. Great photos! Looks like a wonderful trip :)

  3. Your photos are so beautiful!
    I was in Italy last year for the European Soccer Championship and it was just crazy while Italy was still in it - TV's were dragged into the streets and people were milling about wherever they could get a glimpse. And I've never seen so many people with fog horns! They were constantly going off. But - it was amazing. And a completely different energy than anything I've encountered in the states.

    And I love the way you spent your last day - I wish I'd done that in Hawaii. :)

  4. I wish I could have gone to other parts of Spain on my trip. Love these photos!


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