Thursday, June 18, 2009

Can I do this?

Have any of you ever upholstered a headboard before? I am in love with this one that I spotted today at Layla's site today.

While I don't love don't love the frames or the prints above the bed (too cluttered for me), I adore the headboard, the pillows, the white framing, etc. The linens we received for our wedding are a pale blue with our monogram, and I would my master to have a similar look to this. B and I have not done much (read: any) with major tools, so this project may be a little much for us, but I'll have to look for a tutorial online just to see. I love it! What do you all think of the headboard? What about the burlap on the walls? Could you pull that off? I don't think I could, but I do like it in this room. I'm just not sure about the texture thing- burlap is so rough! I cannot wait until I can call a place "home" and start nesting. This fall perhaps!!


  1. I remember a few bloggers posting about covering a headboard a while back, but I don't remember who. I am sure if you google you could find them. Good luck!

  2. I have! Easy-peasy. You should totally go for it. Lots of fun and you get the perfect, customized bed!

  3. love the headboard- have always wanted an upholstered one- I think it's a sneaky way to toss in a girly detail w/o being too girly- gotta slide those in where you can!



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