Monday, June 1, 2009

We're home!

We arrived home Saturday evening from our wonderful honeymoon/graduation trip to Spain. It was more than I expected, and I am so happy that B and I were able to spend this time together. There are over 300 pictures from the trip- we were definitely photo happy! This week will definitely be photo week on the blog. Hopefully some of you are interested in Spain! (or food, we have lots and lots of pictures of food!)

Our first day in Barcelona started with being insanely tired (does anyone else think that sleeping on a plane is so difficult and so uncomfortable?), but we forged ahead and became tourists at 11 a.m. We took the train from our hotel to La Rambla. The train system in BCN puts the Chicago el system to shame!! We started at their large market- the boqueria. The boqueria has every food typical to Spain in hundreds of small markets plus a few restaurants. It smells strongly of fish- the smell permeates all corners and is quite strong when you are quite discombobulated with time and space! Tourists abound here, though just as many locals were present shopping for their daily meals.

After perusing the aisles and an enjoyable lunch, we left the boqueria to head to the Maritime Museum and the port. Barcelona's port was greatly improved in order to host the 1992 Olympics, and it is now a source of pride in the town. It was gorgeous- full of absolutely lovely sailboats.

After walking through the port and having a cocktail at a local cafe, we headed back to the hotel for a glorious 2 hr nap. I would have slept through the night, I think, but B had set an alarm, so we awoke (or he awoke and forced me to get up amidst lots of whining) and got ready for dinner. We had our first dinner in a plaza off La Rambla. While we were waiting in line for dinner, we found a window on the second level where there was a group of people ballroom dancing- so enchanting! After dinner we went to an Irish pub, and I had my first snakebite. I am not a beer drinker, but a snakebite (1/2 lager, 1/2 cider, and a splash of cassiss) is absolutely wonderful! We had a beautiful Swedish bartender who was so sweet and spoke wonderful English. At 2 a.m. we headed back to the hotel for a much needed nights' sleep.

More to come!!!!!!!!

I promise I'm trying so hard to catch up on all your blogs. There were over 1000+ in my google reader (and even after I occasionally checked while we were on our trip). I've commented on a few, and I promise to continue to comment and read throughout the week.


  1. I can't wait to hear more. Sounds like an amazing trip!

  2. Welcome home! I've always wanted to go to Spain - looks like you had a fabulous trip!!

  3. Love the photos so far. When we were in Italy last year, I also took many photos of food (and gelato!).

    Glad you had a great time!

  4. Pictures are beautiful! I'm so glad you had a fun trip!!! That drink sounds good! I love cider!

  5. Glad you had a great time! Great photos!

  6. what an incredible time you had- isn't Spain just the best? the peeps, the food, the culture, the sun, the sangria! incredible! and VERY well-deserved- you two sure had fun :)


  7. Hey Anne, I didn't know you were such a blogger! Love it. I haven't read it all but I will try. Glad you had such a good trip. You deserve it. Congrats on graduating. I will be on the look out for a great Nurse Prac job in Holland for you!!


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