Monday, June 29, 2009

More pics from the weekend

Sunday after the dog beach, the four of us went downtown to show G and N Millennium Park and walk around downtown for awhile. N was in the market for a new dress, so we shopped for awhile which was so fun for me (and the boys didn't complain!). We were home around 5, took the dogs out for a neighborhood stroll, and just chillaxed before going to dinner. We went to a great neighborhood restaurant (Dunlay's on Clark)- very yummy. These are a few pics we took in our backyard before leaving.

B and I

G and N

G and I

G and N didn't end up leaving until Monday morning, so early Monday we all went to the dog park together to tire Bella out for the trip home. All in all it was a very successful, fun, relaxing, busy weekend, and I loved it all!


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