Tuesday, June 16, 2009


While sightseeing throughout Spain, we happened upon a store called Zara. It's a perfect blend of trendy and simple, chic and urban, young and adult. The prices points vary from cheap (think Old Navy prices) to more expensive classic pieces (more like a Banana or JCrew). I loved it! B was so sweet in allowing me to go into a few in the different cities in order to find the dress I wanted in my size. One I am wearing to a wedding this summer, so you'll get to see lots of pics! Zara has men, women, children, and home. The home stuff was incredible, and I wanted to bring so much of it home with me.

I think the Zara site is difficult to navigate, and you can't order the home stuff online from the states yet (HUGE bummer). But, for those who are fortunate enough, there may just be a Zara store in your town in the US. Funny that I have one not far from me (at Old Orchard Mall in Skokie), and I never knew! I'll definitely be heading out there occasionally to see what the American offerings are! Here is the list of all the American stores! Check it out and let me know if you go!


  1. There was a Zara near me when i lived in NYC in SoHo. My friend Liz loved to go in allllll the time on our walk home from work. Cute stuff. There was one near my Grandma in LI too. I didn't know the Euro stores had a home section! I bet it was great!!

    Can you believe it's raining again.....Ugh.

  2. I LOVED Zara when I was in Spain- my sis too- wasn't it just such fun?! So glad that you ran across it too :)


  3. I've heard a lot of positives about Zara, but I didn't know that it was really available in the US. Can't wait to see the dress!

  4. I always go to Zara when visiting my friend in NYC. I've found some cute pieces there.

  5. I have a black satin 3/4 sleeve tailored jacket that I bought at Zara years and years ago in Manhattan. It was probably less than $200 but a classic enough silhouette that I've held on to it all these years and still looooove it.

    Hope you find lots more Zara goodies!

  6. Zara is great and was one of the stores I could actually afford to go into while we were living in Europe! Glad to see its making its way stateside...agreed on the home stuff, hopefully we'll be able to get that soon too.


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