Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pud's first outfit!!!!!!!!!!

Comes from our favorite designer........that's right, Pud is coming home in Lilly!  I was so lucky to run across this daring outfit soon after we found out we were pregnant, and because it is the most gender neutral color (white!), I was able to snatch it up.  It's a four piece set and came in this daring hat box. 

Oh, Junie, you have no idea what is going to happen to you!!!  Luckily, you are so cute that you'll still get lots of attention from mommy and daddy!

The set laid out together.  Hat, cardigan, pants and blanket.  They're all a lightweight sweater material.
Can you see the palm tree?
The tree intarsia on the back of the sweater.

Isn't this just darling?  My plans were that I would buy a blue onesie and a pink onesie and bring both to the hospital to wear underneath the outfit.  However, something better has come along...............I'll do another post on that soon!

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  1. the outfit is PERFECT! as was your weekend, last weekend!

    PS- my sis and I are celebrating 79 and sunny today with a bottle of bubbles in our bikinis!




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