Friday, April 2, 2010

Hostess Gifts

I asked you all a few weeks ago about your ideas for hostess gifts.  I got some great responses and almost all of you mentioned something monogrammed.  Not surprising, I suppose :)  I knew that was something I wanted as well, so I decided to head over to La Plates and pick out something I knew the girls would use and think was cute. 

I ended up going with the Personalized-Large-Acrylic-Tray seen here:
I added cute cocktail napkins to each tray and wrapped them as seen above.  They all seemed to really like them, and hopefully, with summer coming up, they'll all get to use them regularly.  B wondered why I didn't order one for us because he liked it so much!!  I would highly recommend this as a gift item or as something you order for yourself.  I loved the way they turned out, and with summer coming, there is always use for a great new acryllic tray for outdoor grilling and cocktail parties!! 

PS- If you have any Lilly glasses or partyware, this would look fantastic if you monogram it in the pink or the green!!


  1. This was a perfect gift! They are adorable and everyone will get so much use out of them!

  2. I love the trays! And ordering any gifts that are monogrammed is the perfect excuse to throw one in there for yourself too!

  3. AEOT, thanks for the La Plates love! So glad the trays were a hit. I was just reading your recent post...I went to Miami and am married to a golf fanatic. When I lived in Atlanta I took him to Sunday Masters...I think that's why he married me:) Got a kick out of the commentary. Hope all is well-
    xo, La


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