Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Weekend update

B and I had a great weekend together.  It was easy, low-key, relaxing, and just what this 35 week pregnant lady called for!! 

Saturday morning it was simply gorgeous here.  A warm, beautiful spring day.  We went on a 4.5 mile walk around the neighborhood with Junebug and then cleaned the raised vegetable bed and raked the areas of the yard that needed new grass seeding.  We were outside from 9 until 1 and got a TON done.  As it was supposed to, it started pouring Saturday afternoon, so B and I went out to run some errands together.  I think we got all the things crossed off on our list for that day, which was really nice.  B ended up getting a pair of new linen pants for the summer that he looks SO good in.  And can I tell you that his waist has come down two full sizes in the last 6 months?  All his running has really paid off- he looks fantastic :)

Saturday night we made a great pasta dinner at home and watched basketball.  I ended up falling asleep on the couch during the Duke game.  Luckily they won by 20, so it was fine that I wasn't awake for the whole thing.

Sunday morning we went to church for Easter.  The little kids choir sang, and, of course, I cried.  I still have little control of my emotions!!  The adult choir did a great job and the instruments (trumpet, trombone, xylophone, etc) added so much to the service.  We are really excited about this church- both of us know that it is where we feel very comfortable.  We went to bruch after church at a local breakfast place we've been wanting to try (good!) and then came home and worked on the house most of the afternoon.  Blair was able to spend a lot of time catching up with his family and a few of his friends he hadn't talked to in forever, and I was able to get ahold of a good friend of ours who just had a baby.  I love that she was so honest with me about the whole experience.  I'm getting more and more mentally prepared for the next month!! 

I am glad we ended up not traveling for Easter and that we were just home enjoying each other and getting the outdoors and indoors ready for the impending arrival of our little Pud.  I needed time to breathe, rest, and recouperate, and it was lovely.  Everyone needs that kind of time!! 

Oh, the biggest excitement of all???????????????????????????????????????????????????

DUKE WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just adore these boys, heart and soul, all of them!!  They worked so hard this season and have had a LOT of pitfalls the last few years, so this was a huge, amazing victory for them last night.  Coach K is an amazing man and really has the ability to bring the best out in these boys.  Way to go, Blue Devils!!

(Though I do have to say that if Butler would have won, I probably would have been happy- they have shown amazing strength, fortitude, and talent in this tourney!  And their coach is just a babe- 33 years old!!!  His tiny (like babe in arms tiny) daughter in the crowd melted my heart last night!)


  1. Congrats on the Duke win! I am being a big girl :) Ha. It was such a great game...

    35 weeks?!?! Wow!

  2. Sounds like a marvelous relaxing weekend! And congrats on your exciting Duke win!

  3. love your weekend doll! and you're right not only about working out pre labor and baby making the labor easier but making losing puddin' weight easier too. not that I talk from experience or anything, ha!



  4. You really did get a lot done this weekend! We did lots of yard work and other outside stuff as well, it was just bliss, and Sunday was even nicer!

    It's so good to know you are enjoying the weather and feeling good Miss Preppy, that makes us smile. :)

    Sending smiles to you!

  5. Oh my goodness I cannot believe you are already 35 weeks!! Congratulations! Good for you with that 3.5 mile walk, too! You go girl!


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