Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Springtime yard beauty

When we saw our house for the first time, it was the end of October and all the leaves were turning.  When we moved in, it was Dec 22nd and there was nothing but snow on the ground.  We had no idea what to expect when spring and summer came along, and we (so far) are really happy with the way the gardens are coming along for late April.

We have quite a few pink and white flowering trees in the front yard (the next three pics)
They're gorgeous.  Just a week or two more and they'll be in full bloom.

We also have a few flowering trees in the backyard that are just beginning to bud.  Hopefully they'll be as pretty as those in the front.
Our two tulips that bloomed.  We are going to buy a ton of bulbs this fall and add them to this section of the garden as well as in front of the bushes that are near our walkway.  We also only have two daffodils in another section of the garden.  So weird.  We'll just have to get more springtime flowers (hyacinth, crocuses, etc) over time.

And just so you know how crazy my husband is, he decided that when I was taking pics for the blog, he would climb one of the trees and have me do a photo shoot.  Silly boy!!


  1. Oh...it all looks gorgeous! I LOVE tulips! I can't keep anything alive. I planted a few things this weekend so we'll see how they fare. :)

  2. all of the blooming trees are such a treat, aren't they! esp when you stop and think about how they really only bloom at graduation time and we're getting a jump start on it :)


  3. I remember when we moved into our current home six years ago. When spring came, it was such a joy to see what was in bloom. So glad that spring is finally here!

  4. I love all your flowering tress, and how fun to find random bulbs popping up where you didn't know they existed... in some ways, it seems better to move in during the winter so you can't start planting and dig up any bulbs or perennials you didn't know were there....

    AAAK... is puddin' here yet, I'm so stinkin' excited for you two I just can't wait!

  5. So gorgeous - love all the flowers! Also, love the husband in the tree. Too funny!


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