Thursday, April 1, 2010

Loving it!


Yep, that is the high for today!!!!!!!!!  In Michigan, peeps!  Guess who cannot wait to get out of work and take advantage of this gorgeous weather??  Big plans to take the dog on a walk and work in the yard as soon as I get home.  It's supposed to be this nice through Sat evening, so hopefully we will get lots and lots of yard work done over the next few days.  YEA!!!!!!

(for any of those who are feeling jealous, the end of the 10 day forecast is looking like 40s and rain.  Uggg.  Trust me, I plan to enjoy this while it lasts!!!)


  1. It'll be around the same here, but yes same thing later next week - around 50 or so. Enjoy the weather I know I am!


    PS I just recently started a blog

  2. Am so excited about the temps here today - my boss and I are even going outside for lunch! 78* on 4/'s like a MI miracle :)

  3. I am in Sag Harbor and it is haven...just wish it was about 10 degrees warmer!


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