Wednesday, April 14, 2010

At 36.5 weeks..............

you might as well just give up on trying to do sit-ups!  Last night at the gym I went to do them, as per my norm, and it was miserable.  Not only could I not do them, every time I tried I refluxed what was left of my lunch in my stomach up into my mouth (I know, so gross right?????).  Completely and utterly disgusting.  So, abs, you are done until Pud is here.  There is just not enough room for you in my life anymore!


  1. I am just impressed that you were doing sit-ups at 36 weeks!

  2. fair is fair! keep on truckin' away doll, if nothing else, it'll make getting prepud bod easier and I have to believe it somehow makes delivery easier too!



  3. I am amazed you were doing *any* situps at 36 weeks, good for you. It seems to this non-Mother that you'll have plenty of opportunity to get back at it after your little lovebundle arrives, no?

    Smiles at you, and happy springtime in Michigan!

  4. Here come the "big weeks" ;) That baby is just growing bigger & cuter! I'm so excited for you! xox MBM

  5. I too am amazed that you were even attempting sit ups that far into pregnancy! Way to stay active! Now just take this time to rest and sleep as much as you CAN!


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